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About Szitahegy

Petrányi szőlőbirtok a Balatonnal a háttérben

The light of the "second" Sun

When choosing the area, we were enchanted by the light of the "second" Sun reflecting off the lake, which is an excellent feature for the vineyards overlooking Lake Balaton above and below the cellar, refreshed by the cool coastal wind coming down from the forests on hot summer days.

Petrányi szőlőbirtok a Balatonfüreddel a háttérben

Where flavours and aromas come to life

It was realised a long time ago that Traminer grapes planted directly under the forest are grateful for the cool, refreshing breezes of twilight that follow hot summer days. This is how their flavours and aromas unfold best. Welschriesling also feels at home at a slightly lower level, abundantly pouring out the typical almond flavours, aromas and delicate fragrances of this region.

Petrányi szőlőbirtok a Balatonnal a háttérben

Extremely complex soil

The features of the excellent soil in our area are given by calcareous phyllite-slate mixed with marl, also containing old volcanic rocks, and in the upper layers there are also carbonate rocks with some loess, resulting in an excellent soil mixture that provides the delicately complex and harmonious acidity of our wines.

Szőlőfürt a Petrányi szőlőbirtokon

The Mediterranean landscape of Csopak

The climate of Csopak is best described as Mediterranean since the proximity of Lake Balaton reduces the summer heat with its humidity, but the same effect also protects our vines from severe frosts. The large number of sunny hours, enhanced by the reflection of the water surface, fundamentally influence the ripening of our grapes. Lavender, figs and almonds all thrive in our garden.

The terroir is the most important.

The 3.5-hectare Petrányi Estate is located on Szitahegy, one of Csopak's vineyards at the most beautiful location and with the best features. This calcareous, marly, red-clay area, directly under the cooling forests, greatly helps plant protection during extremely hot summers. Our vine-growing and wine-making philosophy is always based on the opportunities offered by the terroir, which is enhanced by our own plantation and grape varieties, and we also buy quality grapes from neighbouring vineyards on about two hectares.

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