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The best of Csopak

Nő és férfi ebédelnek a Petrányi Borteraszon

Unforgettable panorama of Lake Balaton

The landscape of Csopak is unforgettable. We opened our wine terrace in the summer of 2015 to welcome wine tasting groups and to offer them cold snacks in a worthy place, with the panorama of Csopak, right next to the vine rows. Later the guests asked for longer opening hours, and in the meantime we realised that many other things are also edible in our garden besides grapes...

Felszolgált főétel a megterített asztalon

Home-style food with wine in a cosy atmosphere

We would like to appeal to all senses of our guests. We are convinced that hospitality is no magic: a lot depends on smiles, kindness, polite gestures and, of course, on delicious food and wine. Our chefs and the entire team, from waiters to the kitchen staff, work on this all year round.

Megterített asztal a Petrányi Borteraszon

We welcome our guests in all seasons

Our goal is that our guests should enjoy the unparalleled beauty and charm of Lake Balaton not only in summer. We welcome visitors to Csopak with a unique, seasonal menu, but you can also taste wine and organise private events with us almost every day of the year, after prior booking.

The Petrányi wine terrace experience

The concept is simple: home-style atmosphere and delicious flavours!

Nő bort kóstol a Petrányi Borteraszon

Feeling like at home

The concept is simple and unchanged: the family-style atmosphere, the clear monthly menu, fresh and delicious (preferably local/own) ingredients, home-style flavours and, last but not least, a caring, friendly, youthful environment are our main principles.

Nő és férfi randevúznak a Petrányi Borteraszon

Also in off-season: CSOPAK!

In winter, we welcome our guests with a warm and crackling tiled stove, with winter dishes, full-bodied red wine, mulled wine and our own brandy. Our soul-warming wines are even better in cold weather, so feel free to sign up for our wine tasting sessions all year round!

Vacsoravendék a Petrányi Borteraszon

Our dinner guests

We always wish to enhance the unique and natural Szitahegy experience a little bit, and in this spirit we started (earlier with the participation of actor Péter Haumann) our “Dinner guest on the terrace” event series, when we invite to dinner special persons who bring an exciting message. Meanwhile, we eat delicious food and drink fine wine.

Gift voucher

Give the gift of the Csopak experience to your loved ones. Gift vouchers that can be redeemed on our Wine Terrace are available for HUF 5,000, 10,000 and 20,000.

Felszolgált főétel és egy Petrányi Pince bor a megterített asztalon


Our menu is changing in every season

13.5% service fee is charged to the total billed amount. We reserve the right to change the menu.

Corporate events, team building, wedding, wine tasting

We welcome our guests for wine tasting sessions, team building, corporate events, wedding photography and weddings (mainly in off-season). We are also ready to organise small conferences. Our terrace welcomes you and your colleagues, up to 70 people, in one of the most beautiful areas of Csopak. Enjoy the unique experience with sunny vine rows in good weather and with the warm and crackling tiled stove, in an intimate and cosy atmosphere in chilly weather. You can also request guided wine tasting as well as lunch and dinner.

For details please contact us on the phone +36 30 515 7953 or via e-mail (

Társaság koccint a Petrányi Borteraszon

Sections of the Wine Terrace

The Petrányi Wine Terrace is divided into five units

Első terasz a Petrányi Borteraszon

First terrace

A cozy, shady resting space under the cherry tree, with solar sails, garden furniture and coffee tables. We recommend it to wine drinkers, hikers and cyclists. You can also eat here at the small coffee tables.

Fedett terasz a Petrányi Borterasz

Covered terrace

Rain-proof restaurant covered with retractable roof and glass windows. In good weather, the roof and the windows are open in the evenings. It is recommended for lunch, dinner, family celebrations, groups of friends or company events.

Hátsó terasz a Petrányi Borteraszon

Back terrace

A cozy, open terrace shaded with solar sails, which is not rain-proof, so if it rains, you can move to the indoor restaurant.

Belső étterem a Petrányi Borteraszon

Indoor restaurant

Open in winter and summer, rain-proof panoramic restaurant with a cosy tiled stove in winter.

Romatika terasz a Petrányi Borteraszon

Romance terrace

Separated, covered pavilion set up right next to our Traminer vineyard. We recommend it for special, intimate occasions like a marriage proposal, wedding anniversary or birthday, for maximum two people. HUF 15,000 / occasion

Opening hours

Opening hours of the Petrányi Winery