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Petrányi szőlőbirtok a Balatonnal a háttérben

It all started with a walk on Szitahegy

The passion for sailing has attached the Petrányi family to Csopak for decades. They bought their first holiday home on the Balaton coast. Then, around the turn of the millennium, István Petrányi and his wife Piroska took a random walk on Szitahegy on a sunny summer day. Bee eaters in the sky, almond trees on the hill, the foot of the forest and an enchanting view. This walk was enough for the couple's hearts to be captured by Szitahegy forever. Time passed quickly during their romantic walk. They sat down at one point, hand in hand, and watched the sun go around the hillside. They decided together to build a vineyard here.

Petrányi Pince épülete a szőlőbirtok mögött

Wine-making needs persistent work and humility

Whatever the Petrányi family does, they do with heart and perfectionism, whether it’s their profession, their hobby – sailing – or their love: the Csopak estate. Then came the equipped cellar, a team of viticulturists and winemakers, later the Treasure Shop on the beach and now a wine terrace next to the villa completes the story. Little has changed since that romantic walk, but many big decisions and expensive developments are made during this time in the life of a small, six-hectare estate. Wine-making is a hobby that is not a short-term passion but creates a long-term value: this requires persistent work, patience, a lot of care and attention.

The founders of the Petrányi Winery

István Petrányi and Piroska Petrányi

Piroska and István fell in love with this special landscape many years ago. They have been visiting Csopak for decades. The family estate was founded around the turn of the millennium. At first, only sailing connected them to Csopak, but later they bought a land. The half-hectare vineyard was extended to 3.5 hectares on Szitahegy with an estate centre and with catering, designed to match and to be a gem of the thousand-year-old Balaton landscape. In 2021, their territory was extended with 2.5 hectares in Bene dűlő, where they started replanting the vineyard. All members of the family take part in setting directions, and if they can, they also attend the harvest and share the catering work. István mostly feels at home in the cellar, and Piroska takes care of the Wine Terrace and the Treasure Shop. The second (Zoltán Petrányi and his wife Viki) and the third generation (Botond Petrányi) are also active in sailing. They live the daily life of the Petrányi Winery together, as a close-knit family.

Petrányi Piroska és István állnak a szőlőbirtokon


Bízunk benne, hogy ezt a sikersztorit Önnel együtt írjuk tovább


2000 - The cellar was built for the 3.5-hectare vineyard based on the plans of Ferenc Heimann from Szekszárd, but the first harvest was still pressed at the other end of the village, at a prestigious winery of Csopak: the corks also had the name of István Jásdi. Our winemaker János Ritecz introduced the Petrányi family to his acquaintance Jásdi, who also loves sailing.


2001 - The Petrányi Villa was built based on the design of Ybl prize-winning architect Éva Mueller. Zoltán Molnár has been our winemaker since the beginning, and it is to his credit that the estate is known as one of the most beautiful wineries in the area. The first István day was celebrated in the new, half-completed holiday home, with violin playing among the vine rows.


2003 - The first Petrányi wines appeared on the commercial market.


2004 - Botond Petrányi – the son of István and Piroska's son, Zoltán – was born, and a Cabernet Sauvignon batch from that vintage has been stored since then in the vault of the cellar.


2008 - Transdanubia's legendary white wine vintage, from which a unique specialty, Welschriesling aszú was also bottled in a limited number.


2009 - The Riesling plot below the Villa was replaced by a new grape variety called Syrah. Our Riesling was grafted a few meters away, on the other side of the access road, with scions from selected old vines (the last wine of the old Riesling was marketed under the name Finálé).


2010 - In the bad rainy year Piroska decided to open a café on the Csopak beach under the name Kincses Bolt (Treasure Shop), which has since then become extremely popular with holidaymakers and the local residents. Delicacies, the best coffee on the beach and, of course, Petrányi wines are all important elements of the repertoire, which has been managed from the second year by the guests' favourite: Bori.


2012 - We bottled our first syrah wine. Our cabernet became a very convincing and important reference point of success in reinterpreting the red wine traditions in Csopak. A very full-bodied, strong, "prize-magnet" Riesling was made from the hot vintage, and our Muscat won the title Wine of the MTA (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) in that year.


2013 - Half of the pure Traminer plantation above the cellar (and the later wine terrace) was regrafted. This variety tends to soften in extremely hot years, and we have been looking for fresh, vibrant acids since our very first wine. The new, worthwhile variety that we started cultivating is the highly acidic Furmint, which has a strong history also in Csopak. For the time being we can see that it prefers barrels although the Petrányi white wines have always been made mainly in steel tanks. We bottled our first screw cap wine.


2014 - It was a rainy year full of adversities, but thanks to our transparent, walkable estate size and selection, we made a few thousand bottles of wine also this year. Riesling from three wineries received Codex qualification in 2014, and the Petrányi Winery was one of them.


2015 - Ágnes Herczeg (international wine academic) became consultant to the winery (she also introduced Gergő Ripka to the Petrányi family). The panoramic Petrányi Wine Terrace opened. Intimate, informal and cosy atmosphere, simplicity that matches the landscape and hospitality were the main organising principles. In the first year, we only had cold dishes, wine biscuits and tasting groups, although a small but well-equipped kitchen was also opened for the catering unit with a capacity of 35-40 people...


2016 - Krisztián Szabó came from the south coast as a chef to our wine terrace in Csopak, and we completed our first successful summer season with him, already with hot kitchen and with a daily menu at weekends. About a thousand people visited our terrace in a year and they were served by our friendly, close-knit team, which we also planned in off seasons. After 15 years, our online billing system was introduced, and the Michelin-starred Costes started selling our Codex wine.


2017 - The restaurant's kitchen was expanded with modern machines in line with the latest technology and a new cook, Szabolcs Wiborny, also joined us. We covered the terrace to increase our guests’ comfort.


2018 - The year of renewal. Ambrus Bakó from Badacsony joined our professional team as winemaker, Attila Kós became our new wine terrace manager and chef Károly Somogyi introduced new kitchen technologies.


2019 - Harmatcsepp, our first sparkling wine made a very successful debut. The cabernet sauvignon grown in the area in front of the Wine Terrace was grafted onto malbec. Our Syrah 2015 wine was chosen as the best Hungarian Syrah varietal wine at the international VinAgora wine competition. The Racing Django team led by Zoltán Petrányi won the Blue Ribbon International Sailing Race, and Botond Petrányi's team won the Kék Pántlika junior sailing race.


2020 - Although the coronavirus pandemic overshadowed the year, the back terrace and the team were extended: Roland Domonkos and Gábor Koronczai joined the kitchen team, and Gyöngyi Tüske took over the sales and marketing tasks. Our Welschriesling Estate Selection 2017 wine was chosen as the Wine of the Parliament in the Welschriesling category, and Petrányi Furmint 2019 joined the most exciting Hungarian wines in the annual TOP 100 list of the BORIGO wine magazine.


2021 - In the shadow of Covid, our team worked with unbroken dynamism: we made transformations to extend the capacity of our covered terrace and equipped our kitchen with new, modern appliances in order to receive our guests in an even more beautiful, high-quality environment. Ronald Domonkos took over the management of our kitchen and Milán Bakonyi joined our crew as deputy chef. Our Furmint 2019 wine won Gold Medal, while Hegybor (Hill Wine) Welschriesling 2021 and Rosé 2021 won Silver Medals at the International VinAgora Wine Competition. We achieved second place in the small estate category of the "Hungary's Most Beautiful Vineyard" competition announced by the Wine and Market magazine. We bought 2.5 hectares of new land in Bene dűlő, where soil preparation work began before replanting.


2022 - We further built and beautified the Wine Terrace, renovated the roof and installed air conditioners so our guests can enjoy the atmosphere of our covered terrace as a "winter garden" in cool weather. Milán Bakonyi took over kitchen management. 11,200 grafts were planted in Bene dűlő. Our Hegybor (Hill Wine) Welschriesling 2021 won Gold Medal at the 31st Balatonfüred Competition and then at the National Wine Competition. Our Wine Terrace was included in the TOP 10 restaurants with the best beautiful view in the Balaton 2022 Restaurant Guru of the Hungarian Kitchen magazine! Besides the unique panorama, the magazine highlighted our menu, which is changed every month and is based on seasonal raw materials from local producers, our home-made fruit syrups from Egreskert and our Welschriesling wines. The Petrányi Winery won the title of Hungary's Most Beautiful Small Estate in the competition of the Wine and Market magazine. In the autumn we celebrated the 20+1 anniversary of founding our Winery and introduced our top wine Ében 2020.



2023 - Boraink kimagasló eredményeket értek el hazai és nemzetközi megmérettetéseken. Rosé 2022 borunk a Balaton Borrégióból egyedüli rozéborként Aranyérmet nyert az Országos Borversenyen, Birtokválogatás Olaszrizling 2022 borunk 88 ponttal Ezüstérmet szerzett a nemzetközi Winelovers Wine Awards versenyen. Syrah 2021 és Hegybor 2022 borainkat Ezüstérmmel díjazták a világ legnagyobb borversenyén, az AWC Vienna Wine Challenge-en. A Petrányi Borterasz bekerült a Magyar Konyha Balaton 2023 Gasztro kalauz kiadványban a TOP 10 vendéglő közé.

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