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  • We are open all year round

    We welcome our guests to family events, friendly get-togethers, wine tasting sessions and corporate wine dinners.

  • We love Lake Balaton

    Of course, the most beautiful part of the landscape is the wide stretch of Lake Balaton, which can be best admired from Szitahegy with a glass of wine, among lavenders.

  • The centre of the Petrányi Estate

    The centre of the 6-hectare Petrányi Estate is on Szitahegy, one of the most beautiful locations in Csopak.


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Wine list

  • Rosé 2022 palack

    Rosé 2022

    Dry rosé wine of protected origin

    This pleasantly refreshing, yet substantial rosé comes from a blend of Blaufränkisch and Merlot. Its aroma is a cavalcade of forest fruits with dynamic acids. This is an elegant, balanced wine with a medium-long finish.

    • 750 ml Volume
    • 2 890 Ft Gross price
  • Harmatcsepp 2022 palack

    Harmatcsepp 2023

    Dry, white sparkling wine with added carbon dioxide

    Made with a blend of Muscat Lunel and Pinot Blanc, this wine is fermented dry in a steel tank and surrounded with some natural residual sugar.

    • 750 ml Volume
    • 3 790 Ft Gross price
  • Apám kapálta cuvée 2022 palack

    Apám kapálta cuvée 2022

    Protected dry white wine

    Our semi-dry wine, a mix of 80% Welschriesling and 20% Gewürztraminer, carries in it the freshness of the Welschriesling and the aroma and fruitiness of the Gewürztraminer.

    • 750 ml Volume
    • 2 400 Ft Gross price
  • Hegybor Olaszrizling 2022 palack

    Hegybor Olaszrizling 2022

    Protected dry white wine

    An elegant wine from Csopak. Its marvellous acids are enhanced by fruitiness, with a unique character granted by a mild taste of its minerals.

    • 750 ml Volume
    • 5 790 Ft Gross price
  • Szitahegy Olaszrizling 2020 palack

    Szitahegy Olaszrizling 2022

    Védett eredetű száraz fehérbor

    Kerek, szép savszerkezet, a kortyban gyümölcsösség és ásványosság alkot harmóniát, közepesen hosszú, elegáns, mandulás lecsengéssel.

    • 750 ml Volume
    • 7 590 Ft Gross price
  • Olaszrizling Birtokválogatás 2022 palack

    Olaszrizling Birtokválogatás 2022

    Protected dry white wine

    Thanks to its spiciness and fullness, our Olaszrizling Birtokválogatás 2022 wine is reminiscent of hot summer days and sunshine.

    • 750 ml Volume
    • 6 490 Ft Gross price
  • Furmint 2022 palack

    Furmint 2022

    Protected dry white wine

    A full-bodied wine with mineral characteristics made with reductive technology, a perfect reflection of the vine variety and the features of the Csopak production area.

    • 750 ml Volume
    • 6 290 Ft Gross price
  • Piroska Siller 2022 palack

    Piroska Siller 2022

    Protected dry red wine

    Thanks to the well-ripened grapes and the technology employed, it produces a very light red wine that is more full-bodied and darker than rosé wines.

    • 750 ml Volume
    • 3 990 Ft Gross price
  • Tramini 2021 palack

    Traminer 2021

    Sweet white wine of protected origin

    We bottled sweet wine from the perfectly ripe grapes, with a natural residual sugar content. It is a real rarity, made in a very small quantity!

    • 500 ml Volume
    • 6 490 Ft Gross price


Our menu is changing in every season

13.5% service fee is charged to the total billed amount. We reserve the right to change the menu.


Read the history of the Petrányi Winery

Petrányi Piroska és István állnak a szőlőbirtokon

The story of the Winery

István Petrányi and his wife, Piroska, went for a random walk on Szitahegy on a sunny summer day around the turn of the millennium. They sat down at one point, hand in hand, and watched the sun go around the hillside. They decided together to build a vineyard here.

Szőlőbirtok a háttérben a Balatonnal

The magic of Szitahegy

When choosing the area, we were enchanted by the light of the "second" Sun reflecting off the lake, which provided an excellent ground for the vineyards overlooking Lake Balaton above and below the cellar, which are refreshed by the cool coastal wind coming down from the forests on hot summer days.

Kéz megérinti a szőlőt

This is how we make wine

The restrained load, the proper harvest selection and the careful leaf removal for more sun entail a lot of manual work, but it’s rewarding. We protect and help the grapes so they are in their best condition when harvest comes. Our wines are Craft wines. We work by hand in the vineyard and also in the cellar, giving all our attention to the wine that is born.


What our guests say

Opinions about us

  • Enid Eicher

    A kiszolgàlàs kifogàstalan volt. Az ételek újragondolt magyar ételek, foglaltunk előre asztalt, es rögtön helyet tudtunk foglalni. Érdemes felkeresni az éttermet a Balatoni nyaralàs soràn. A pincérek idegen nyelven is jól beszéltek.
  • Stantsits Dániel

    Ma egy fantasztikus vendéglátásban volt részem, egy csodálatos helyen. A kilátás gyönyörű, a személyzet kedves, segítőkész, az ételek valami fantasztikusak és az adag sem utolsó. :) Innen is szeretném megköszönni ezt a csodálatos estét.
  • Doruntina Mekshi profilképe

    Doruntina Mekshi

    I liked the wine tour here and the lady who took us through the wine was fantastic. You could feel her passion for the vineyard. The food was super and the view to the lake and vineyard was outstanding.
  • Melcsi Borján profilképe

    Melcsi Borján

    Remek hely a hegyoldalban. A borok finomak, az ételek nagyon jók! Mindenképp ajánlom! Megfelelő adagok és ízletesek. Hangulatos nagyon! Érdemes foglalni, mert beesve nem biztos, hogy kapunk asztalt. Lehetne a kinti részen több asztal.
  • Tamás Dancsecs

    Mennyei ebéd, és isteni borok. Ha jól emlékszem ötödször járok itt, de azt hiszem soha nem fogom megunni ezt a csodálatos helyet....
  • Gábor Aszódi

    Kitűnő kiszolgálás, széles választék, ízletes ételek, kiváló borok és pazar panoráma. Mindenkinek ajánlom a helyet. Minden jó volt. Jövőre is eljövünk.


Discover the products of the Petrányi Winery, including Welschriesling, the traditional wine of Csopak, Traminer and high-quality dry red wines such as Syrah.

Wine Terrace

We opened our panoramic wine terrace in the summer of 2015, where we offer you home-style dishes in the cosy and unique atmosphere of Szitahegy.

Wine tasting

Visit our Wine Terrace with your friends or colleagues! Discover the history of our winery, our production area, our varieties and the typical wine-making methods.


We can safely say that the Csopak Treasure Shop has turned into an extremely popular site from a small gourmet shop, where all products are available within easy reach.

List of awards

  • Best beautiful view 2023

    Restaurant Guru

  • Best Restaurant in Csopak 2022

    Restaurant Guru

  • Tripadvisor

    Travellers' choice 2021

  • Interwine 2021

    Borhonlap verseny különdíjas

  • Tripadvisor

    Travellers' choice 2020


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