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This is how it’s made

Szőlőfürtök a Petrányi Pince birtokon

It all depends on the terroir

The terroir is in the focus of our grape-growing and wine-making philosophy. The terroir is the main source of uniqueness, which is complemented by grape variety and technology. In addition to our own 3.5-hectare production area, we purchase high-quality base material in the wine region from an area of similar size. In 2021, our areas were expanded by 2.5 hectares in Bene dűlő, where we began to replant vines.

Levelek a szőlőtőkén

Restrained load, proper selection

The restrained load, the proper harvest selection and, if needed, the careful leaf removal for more sun entail a lot of manual work, but it’s rewarding. We protect and help the grapes so they are in their best condition when harvest comes.

Tartályok a Petrányi Pincében

We do all the work by hand

Our wines are Craft wines. We work by hand both in the vineyard and in the cellar. We pay special attention to each wine variety, and do not rush their development with any special technological interventions.

Hordók a Petrányi Pincében

We maturate our wine varieties as necessary

We rack the wine varieties in due course and treat them as necessary. Several wine varieties are thoroughly aged, while fresh varieties should preserve the light, cheerful aromas and flavours of the grapes.

Levél a szőlőtőkén

We’re trying to learn more about the changing nature

We are convinced that good wine is basically born in the grapes. Year after year we try to learn more from the changing nature around us in order to respond well to the challenges of the new weather and to make our wines even better.

Tartályok a Petrányi Pincében

Combining tradition with contemporary spirit

In our grape-growing and wine-making work we preserve the white wine traditions of Csopak from the 20th century. At the same time we open up to the red wine potentials offered by the Mediterranean terroir, just like our ancestors did in the 19th century, when this area produced more blue grapes than white.

Barrels aged in sun, rain, wind and frost

We use small Hungarian and French barrels for aging. The Hungarian barrels were made by the company that won three of the first 12 places in the barrel competition a few years ago and became absolute winner. Barrels made from Zemplén oak with staves aged in the sun, rain, wind and frost for several years are a worthy contributor to developing nicely aged aromas and flavours. After aging in small barrels, we assess each wine, and then assemble the selected quantities and age them together. This method is especially important for cuvée, which is made from several wine varieties.

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